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When ordering, If you spend $150 it will be free express post shipping. Most orders arriving anywhere in Canada in 2-3 day we put the Speed in Lead. Here at Speed Leaf, you’ll find the perfect strain of weed among our extensive selection of weed edibles.

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Cannabis Gummies Canada

Canada offers a wide variety of weed gummies and cannabis edibles online. It takes only a few days for Speed Leaf to deliver. Packaging and sending out our parcels in under 24 hours guarantees you get it delivered asap. Edibles like gummies have become increasingly popular in online shopping due to their variety and flavors.

Cannabis products of high quality can be purchased at dispensaries in Canada for many years. You can buy weed online from this reliable source, with its reputation as the best.

Online Weed Gummies

Canada’s Speed Leaf sells THC edibles online. Canadians continued to buy huge quantities of edible THC even after edible THC became legal later in the legalization process.


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$165 Quarter Pound – Orange Tangie – Hybrid

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$170 Quarter Pound – Gas Wreck Indica

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$175 Quarter Pound – Orange Whiskey Indica

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$175 Quarter Pound – Purple Kush Indica

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$190 Quarter Pound – Orange Comatose Indica

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$200 Quarter Pound – Orange Kush Hybrid