Weed Delivery in Calgary Vs Weed Store Fronts

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Advised by officials to stay home and self-distance during the pandemic, Calgarians are stocking up on provisions (the notorious toilet-paper hoarders), and embracing delivery services of all sorts. That includes groceries, wine, prescription drugs, and for many of us, Speed Leaf cannabis. (The worry of isolation and a dry spell was enough to send many Calgarians into panic-buying mode)

Calgary Weed Delivery Stepping Up

Buying weed in Calgary in the era of legalization looks quite a bit different than it did during prohibition. Speed Leaf Calgary Weed delivery is another story, Retailers are now delivering straight to your door with 2hr Calgary Weed Delivery, In most provinces privately owned stores are open during the day to cannabis to consumers. COVID-19 is also complicating the situation: Each province and territory must decide whether to classify cannabis as an essential service (Ontario just declared it non-essential on April 5 and all cannabis stores are now closed for a minimum of two weeks) allowing retailers to keep their doors open as increasingly strict shelter-in-place orders are enacted. As if you needed another reason to squirrel away a few extra edibles, Canada Post (not Purolator or other paid couriers — so far) has temporarily suspended its doorstep delivery to prevent spread of the virus. Instead, all Canada Post parcels requiring proof of ID will be diverted to local post offices — so you’ll have to brave the outside world to re-up on cannabis. So, what is a housebound cannabis consumer to do? Here’s how to find the weed delivery service for you in Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding areas.

Weed Delivery In Calgary, Airdrie & Beyond

The Greater Calgary Area can generally take advantage of same-day with Speed Leaf and next-day shipping via courier. For now, Canada Post delivery is the only option outside of the Calgary.With nothing to do and nowhere to go, locals are stocking up on cheap and cheerful bulk options, available in two strain options (indica and sativa) for a cost of as low as $5 per gram. Cannabis Delivery in Calgary has evolved to something much more simpler over this time, Allowing users to get their Cannabis Products in a short 2 hour delivery window.

Weed Delivery In Airdrie

Residents of Airdrie can order cannabis online from Speed Leaf for a flat $15 delivery fee or free over $200. Orders generally arrive within one to three hours. Should you be occupying your extra hours with an influx of baking.

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